If you are updating from a previous version of the Control Panel (you would know this is if your previous Control Panel directory was located at \AlphaTrust\Pronto\CP\ControlPanel instead of \AlphaTrust\Pronto4\ProntoCP) please follow the instructions below.

  1. In the IIS7 interface, remove all applications that reside under the /CP virtual directory and then the /CP virtual directory itself as well.
  2. Remove the /Public application (you may need to temporarily keep and repoint this application to the \AlphaTrust\Pronto4\ProntoCP directory if you have publicly exposed launch pages still using this reference).  Those references should be changed to /ProntoNet instead of /Public before removing the /Public application permanently.
  3. You will have to re-upload your logo for your branding as denoted in STEP 4 of the Initial Setup because it will still be pointing to the /Public application.

    (NOTE: if you have any outstanding transactions that reference the older CP directory, you may leave these active until they have all been completed)