PEP Only

If you are going to use the checkbox list control, you MUST use the following naming convention for your PDF check boxes:

If your PDF Field Name is MyCheckBoxList in your Process Form then your Check Box Field Names inside the PDF file MUST be named with the following convention and must start with zero:

  • MyCheckBoxList$0
  • MyCheckBoxList$1
  • MyCheckBoxList$2
  • MyCheckBoxList$3

The PDF Field "Export Value" for each field must also be set to: on 

The Field Item's Value is ignored when using Check Box Lists, however, the order must match that of the numeric value of your PDF's Check Box List name.  Example: MyCheckBoxList$0 should be the first in your list, etc.

Alternatively, you can just use individual Check Boxes instead of the Check Box List to avoid using this method.