PEP Only

This is your Default Template Set.  It cannot be deleted since you must always have one Email Template Set available for your Processes to use.

To create your own custom Email Template Set, click "Add Content Set", type in a name and click the "Add" button.  AlphaNumeric characters only.

Once you have created your custom Email Template Set, select the language you wish to include in the set.

You Email Template Set is now created but it will be empty by default (which causes the templates to fall back to the Default/Master set).  Select the templates you want to customize and choose a set to copy the content from to start with and click the "Overwrite Selected Items".

To edit the template, click on the link in the list.

You can edit the text of the Email Template and insert Email Template Placeholders as well.  These will automatically insert this data into your email for you just before it's automatically sent to the Participant.

Once you have create your new custom template set, you can edit these template from within the Email Template Editor.