PEP Only

You may use transaction specific Email Templates for a transaction on a per transaction, per document, and per Task basis.  You can manage custom Email Templates in the Email Template Sets section for use in your Process Designer as shown in the image below.

Should you wish to use these optional templates in a transaction created in the Process Designer Workflow, you would specify the desired folder in your transaction. This is set in the following locations:

- Workflow Level Email Template Set All Participants in this Workflow will use this Email Template Set if defined in the Workflow unless it is overridden by the Participant definition:

Participant Level Email Template Set This particular Participant will use the Email Template Set defined here:

If no Email Template Sets are specified, the Workflow (and all Participants within the Workflow) will use the “DefaultTemplate” Email Template Set that can be edited via the Control Panel in the Email Template Editor.

For API usage of Email Template Sets, you would need to include the "CustomEmails" directory prior to your custom Email Template Set Name as show in the examples below:

EmailTemplateSet = "MyCustomEmailTemplateSet"