PEP Only

A Form Field is the HTML element that allows the Participant to input data into the PDF Document.  We have several different types of Fields to choose from depending on what type and style the data is that you need to collect from the Participant.

Field Options: Checkbox, Check Box List, Comment, Date Picker, Drop Down List, Email Address, Hidden Field, Phone, Radio Button List, Separator (for display only), Social Security Number, Text Area, and Textbox.

Each Field has a set of properties that can be defined:

Field Label the label on the right in bold that tells the Participant what type of data should be entered into the Field.

PDF Field Name This is exactly the same as the PDF Field Name in the Tasks section except this is ONLY way to insert data into a PDF document.  You must enter the PDF Field Name manually or use the Field Chooser.  The Field Chooser will only show up if you have defined a PDF Template in the Form section (see the Signature Placement for more information on the Field Chooser functionality).

Width This defines the width of the Field input in pixels.

Height This defines the height of the Field input in pixels.

Max Length This defines the maximum number of characters that a Field input can have.

Field Comment If you would like to add additional instruction for the Field, you can use this feature.  This allows you to keep your Field Labels short and concise while expounding in the comment area instead.

Place Comment Above Field This allows you to change the position of the comment is applicable.

Selection Default If your field type is a Drop Down List, you can predefine a default “null” selection for the list.  For example “--- Select an Item “.

Default Value If you would like to already display a value in the field when the user first loads the Form, use this field.

Required Field Selecting this option forces the user to enter data for the field.

RegEx Validation – For advanced users, you can use this to create custom "Regular Expression" validation on your text fields.