PEP Only

Group Name:  This is the Display Name for your Group as shown throughout the Control Panel

Owner Name:  This is the name that will show up in any outgoing emails as the “From Sender”.

Owner Email:  This is the email that will show up in any outgoing emails as the “From Sender”.

Status:  Since this would cause signed documents to become inaccessible, you cannot delete an Group.  However, you can set the status of the Group as “inactive”.  This will not deny logon, new transactions or signature access to the Group.  If you want to deny an user’s access, please reset the API Secret of the Group instead.  Any transactions of an inactive Group will not be considered legally signed documents and they will have “TEST DOCUMENT” watermarks on all pages of the document.  Inactive Groups will also not charge your account if you are charged on a transactional basis (PRONTO™ Online customers and self-hosted customers with a transactional license.  Please refer to your license agreement).

Doc Retention:  This is the number of days that the documents will be deleted from the server once a document is set to the “Complete” status.  If you want all documents to be deleted after one year of being completed, set this value 365.  The documents will be purged from the system to reduce storage space and storage fees if you are a Pronto Online customer.  Contact if you have further questions.

Session Expiration: This is the default number of minutes a user session will last without re-authentication or return of the user to the Return Page (ClientReturnUrl for API created Transactions), depending on the action they are taking (this can be overridden at the transaction creation time). Valid values are 1 to 10800 (minutes). If no value is set here, then a system wide default (set in the server's ‘ProntoConfig.ini' file) will be used. If no value are specified or set anywhere, then a default value of 30 minutes is used for user sessions within this transaction.

Password Change:  This is the default number of days in which the system requires all users to reset their password in not set in their registered User settings.