Manage Process Workflow Content

Editing the files listed in the grid below will enable you to change any content in the signing process for your users. By adding additional content sets, you can target specific content to specific signing participants to enable unique experiences during their signing session. The language that is presented is determined by their browser settings. If the language the user's browser is set to prefer is not available, English will be used as the default.

To add a new Content Set, click the "Add Content Set" link next the the Content Set dropdown list.  This will allow you to target specific content to specific signing participants for unique signing session experiences.

After you add the new Content Set, you'll need to, next, add a language (you can also add new languages to existing Content Sets including the Default Set).  The language that is presented to the signing participant is determined by the user's browser settings.  If they have their settings to prefer French and there is a French language available, the French version of the content set will be deplayed.  If the language they prefer is missing, English US will always be used as a fallback.

Once the language you have selected has been added, you'll see that there are no files.  You can't selected the files you want to be included and "copy" the files from another Language's Content Set.  This prevents you from having to start from scratch each time.

Once the files you have chosen are created, you can click the name of the file to view the raw data file (this is good for an overview of the entire content file), or you can click the edit icon (pencil icon on the right) to edit the content.

Here in the Content Editor, you can select the section to edit, change the text on the page section, edit the raw HTML by clicking the "HTML" tab in the bottom of the editor, and even view the output preview by clicking the "Preview" tab which will show the section including the CSS style theme that the user would see during their signing process.