To allow developer API access to Pronto, you'll need to create a set of API credentials for them.  You'll do that here on the API Credentials tab.  CLick the "Add Credential" button to get that started.

You can either set your own password or have the system generate one for you.  Either way, make sure you make a note of the password to provide to your developer because once you have created the credenial, the password is no longer recoverable.  If you lose/forget your password in the future, you will have to reset it to a new one.

Once you have successfully created your API Credential, you will need to four pieces to access the API, the API Key, the API Secret (click the "View" button to see this data), the API Username, and the API Password (which you needed to save, noted in the step above).

System Administrators have the ability make the API Credentials across all accounts in the system (as shown below).

For addition information, reference the Developers Guide in your installations \AlphaTrust\Pronto\Docs folder.