PEP Only

The Process Designer is a simple way to set up quick launch capability for document workflows that you run on a regular basis.  You use this tool to set up the generic properties of the process so that you can just enter in the unique information at the Process Launch page.

There are three basic steps to the Process Designer that will allow you to get your document tasks completed.

    1. Create a Workflow - this defines your document setup and overall process workflow information.
    2. Create a Participant - this defines WHO will be performing the task within the document during their process workflow.
    3. Create a Task - this defines the type of task the Participant will perform and, if it's a signature type, WHERE the Participant will be signing within the document.

You can also collect data from the user and merge it into the document just before they perform their Task also by either opening the PDF to Form Filling or by using our Web Forms for data collection.