PEP Only

This option requires the signer to have Adobe Reader install and configured properly on their own computer.  If you can't insure that the Participant will have this software installed, please use the Web Forms functionality instead.

Below is an example of what the user would see when using this option to fill out the PDF form.

The "Continue Button Page Number" is a yellow "Continue" button that the signer will click after filling out the form fields. It will appear at the very bottom of the page number you specify above (as shown in the image below). If the page number does not exist in the document, an error will occur when you attempt to test or launch the process.

In order to use the field prefix, your PDF document must have field names prefixed with the same text as in the textbox above. These fields (and only these fields) will then be open and present to the signer to fill out before signing. Setting field prefixes allows you to have multiple signers filling out separate sections of the form without overlap.

If the Participant is strictly a form-filler and is not going to actually sign the document, it is not required to add a Task to this Participant.