PEP Only

You may have a PDF document that needs data entered into it by the Participant (or Launcher in some cases) prior to signing.  There are two methods in collecting data for documents to choose from.  You can use the “Open PDF to Form Filling” method or you can use the custom html form building tool called “Web Forms”.  These are forms that will display in an HTML page with additional field types and field validation that you dont get with the “Open PDF” method that Adobe offers.

Form Name
This is not shown to users and is only used for your own organizational purposes.

This is the header that shows on the Web Form display for the Participant.

Add Document Link
This will add a direct link to the document for signing so the user can see exactly the context that the data will eventually populate.

Use this field for any additional instructions youd like to convey to the Participant while on this form data collection page.

Custom Script File
If you need to add some advanced validation or calculation not available in the standard functionality, you can add a custom JavaScript file reference here to accomplish this (note: this is for advanced users only)

Template File Name
Selecting a Template in this field is strictly for making it easier to set up your form.  The Web Form does not use the template during the Participant's data collection process.  Its only for selecting field using the Field Chooser and the Auto Generate Fields functionality.

Auto Generate Fields
By selecting the “Auto generate fields of this Form from Template?” option, the system will parse through the PDF Document Template and auto create all the fields for you.  They will be in an extremely basic format and you would probably need to tweak the Web Form quite a bit to get it a presentable manner.  However, this saves you from the trouble of having to do a lot the manual Field creation which can take a lot of time for large Forms.

Allow Cancel
Checking this option adds a “Cancel” link to the form so the Participant has the ability to cancel their process on this page.  This allows the Participant to click "Cancel" (which can notify your system that they canceled) instead of just closing the browser to leave the Process (which will not notify your system that they opted out at this point of the Process).

Submit Button Text
This simply lets you determine the text on the button that submits this form.