PEP Only

This requires the entry of the registered User's username and password recorded in the Users section. This authentication type must be used in conjunction with the Signature Type of "Registered" (see Tasks section for more information) in order to allow the use of stored signature images from the user's signature profile.

If you have a set Registered Signer, your Signer Information will be pre-populated with that Signers information.  It remains editable because there may be some scenarios that require the email address to be changed to send the request to the Signer.

During their Workflow process, the registered Users login prompt:

If you forgot your password you can reset it here by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link.

The system will require the user to changed their password and, if this is the first time this particular registered User has logged in, they will also have to enter a security question and answer in case they forget their username and password in the future.

Once they have updated their information they will be permitted to continue to signing.

If the registered User has a Signature Image on file in their account, and the Signature Type for this particular signature is set to “Registered” (see Signature Types in the Signatures section for more information) their signature image will be used in place of the standard signature “font” lettering (as shown in the image below).