These are the core status reports that give you an administrative view into all transactions running under a particular "Group" (or multiple Groups depending on your user permissions).

You may sort and search on many filters and export and completed documents via a ZIP file download.

The top-level Transaction row shows you a high-level look at the entire Transaction.  You will see a Document icon for each Document in the Transaction that allows you to hover over the icon to quick-view the Document title and click on the icon to quick-view the Document itself.  There will also be a Participant icon for each Participant involved in the Transaction.  The Participant icons will be color coded based on their status as it pertains to this Transaction.

Participant Icon Legend

= Pending
= Email Sent
= Complete
= Cancelled
= Closed (this can happen when the Transaction is cancelled by another Participant or Administrative action)
= Expired

To expand a transaction and view all of the individual Documents and Participants, click on the arrow to the left of the Transaction.  Click on the Audit Report link to view the trail of historical evidence for each Document.

Pending Participants will have the “edit” functionality turned on.  This will allow you to click the “Edit” icon (yellow pencil on the far right column) to expand the edit functionality.  You may change the name and email address (as well as title and organization if applicable) and then hit update.  If you need to “resend” the  email notification to the Participant, click on the “Resend Notification Email” icon (envelope with green arrow on the far right column) to resend it (as shown in the image below).

To expand a Document and view the status for all of the individual Tasks, click on the arrow to the left of the Document.