PRONTOEnterprise Platform is designed to accomplish four critical tasks that are required by any "best practices" process for electronically signing documents:

    1. Proper presentation of the document according to legal and regulatory requirements.
    2. Proper collection of the electronic signature according to legal and regulatory requirements.
    3. Auditing of the transaction - who signed it; when did they view it, sign it, were e-mailed a copy; what IP address was used, etc.
    4. Establish a chain of custody over the document such that it may be proven during a future dispute or compliance audit that the audit trail (shown below in the Document Audit Report) was recorded and that the document has not been tampered with or altered in any way since signing.

The task of the PRONTOEnterprise Platform developer is to generate the TBSdocument and call PRONTOEnterprise Platform to complete the signing operations requested. The amount of work required depends on the source of your data and how it fits into other work flow in a larger system. Think of PRONTOEnterprise Platform as the engine that will accomplish steps #2 and #3 in the document life cycle. If you take care of step #1, PRONTOEnterprise Platform will handle the rest.

The Document Audit Report can be accessed from the Transaction Status Reports in the Document record (one level under the top-level Transaction record) by clicked "Audit Report".