PEP Only

If you have your Process Document Type set to “Upload” or “URL”, youll need to manually enter in the PDF Field Name since the system will not have any direct reference to your PDFs properties.  To find out what the PDF Field Name is inside your PDF youll need a tool like Adobe Acrobat to open it up and view the Field Properties (as shown in the image below).

However, if you have uploaded your PDF in the PDF Templates section and have your Process Document Type set to “Template”, youll be able to use the Field Chooser functionality.

Click the “Field Chooser” to open up the Field Chooser panel.

Your entire PDF document will show in the PDF Field Chooser window (as shown in the image below).

Scroll down to where the appropriate field is located and click to select it (as shown in the image below).

The PDF Field Name will then auto-populate.  It is possible that there is more than one instance of that field name.  If so, update the Instance of Field/Text field to the appropriate number.

When you test the signature and it isnt lining up exactly like you want it to, you can adjust the X/Y coordinates so that it is places precisely where you want the signature to end up (please see reference the next section, “Text Search”, for more information on using the X/Y coordinates for Signature placement).