PEP Only

If you have your Workflow’s Document Type set to “Upload” or “URL”, or your PDF is not pre-templated with form fields, you can place signatures using “Search Text”.  Locate a string of text near the signature area for the system to search for and enter the text into the “Search Text” field (this text should be as UNIQUE as possible to simplify the searching process).  In the example shown below, we use the words “Signature of” to place the signature in our PDF document (note that the search text is CASE SENSITIVE).

The system will find the text and position the signature exactly at the bottom right corner of that text.  We then use the X/Y coordinates to offset the signature for exact placement.  We set the X coordinates to “10” so that it will move the coordinates 10 pixels to the right of the origin and then we set the Y coordinates to “-10” (negative ten) so that it will move the coordinates 10 pixels down from the origin (as shown in the image below).