You can indicate the upload configuration for the Participant. You can pass a string that contains one or more of these values separated by a semi-colon. All values MUST end with a semi-colon. The values are:

  • Instructions=My Instructions here. – (optional) the text that will display under the header (assigned by the Action's Description property) on the Work Flow Action page. This text cannot include a semi-colon.
  • FileTypesAllowed=.jpg,.gif,.png – (optional) the file extension types allowed to be uploaded by the user. Separate types with a comma. Default is .doc,.docx,.pdf,.jpg,.gif,.png,.xls,.csv,.txt
  • MaxFileSize=2000 – (optional) max upload file size in KB (decimals not allowed). Default is 2000.
  • MaxFileCount=2 – (optional) the max number of files that a user can upload in the Work Flow Action page. Default is 1.
  • RequiredFileCount=2 – (optional) the required number of files a user will be force to upload by the Work Flow Action page. This must be equal to or lower than the MaxFileCount value. Default is 0.

Example data: Instructions=My Instructions here.;FileTypesAllowed=.jpg,.gif,.png;MaxFileSize=2000;MaxFileCount=2;RequiredFileCount=2;