PEP Only

When the Signer Access Type is set to URL, the signer will automatically be sent DIRECTLY into the signing after the launch page is submitted.  This can be useful for several scenarios not limited to:

  1. Administrative Employees if you have documents that need form filling prior to sending the document to a Signer, you can have the launcher be the first signer that fills out data and then once they are done the document is immediately sent to the next Signer for signature.
  2. Public Processes - if you have you process on a public facing website, you can set the Signer Access Type to URL so that they person visiting your website can go directly into a document signing without having to wait for an email.
  3. Face to Face Signing if you have a customer sitting at a desk in front of a company representative and you just want to launch a Process, turn the computer screen around to the customer and have then sign right there at the reps desk, there is no need to send out an email so the “URL” access type would be much more ideal.