Users are personal identities that have configurable permissions regarding signing and Control Panel access.  A User registered in the Control Panel can be created under any Group, and the user will always be tied to the Group it is created under.  Setting up Users has the following benefits:

  • Process Participants can have their name, email address, title, organization, and a digital scan of their signature saved to streamline the signing process
  • Process Participants can quickly and easily view and access pending documents requiring their signature
  • Process Designers can restrict Participant access to specific Users for improved identity security and validation
  • Process launchers can select frequent Participants from a list of Users instead of repetitively having to type in their name, email address, title, and organization
  • Users can view Transaction Status Reports (as determined by their permissions)

If a User registered in the Control Panel has uploaded a signature image and the Task type for a document is set to "Registered", the system will automatically use the uploaded image as the signature (see 'Process Designer > Tasks > Task Type > Registered' for more details).  Signature images can also be used to imprint signature seals (such as a notary seal) into documents.

Sys Admin: Checking this box will set the user as a system-wide administrator for the Control Panel.  They will have access to all sections for all accounts in the entire system.  Permissions will not have any bearings on this user since the System-Wide Administrator designation will override them.

Once you have initially created a user, you will be redirected to the User's Profile page. Here you can edit the user or add Permissions for specific groups to a specific user.

By default, the newly created user will have no signing or control panel access permissions granted. Click the "Add Permission" button, select the group, and select the permission set you would like the user to have for access.  I fyou with the user to be able to sign documents using the Registered User authentication type, check the appropriate signing access checkbox options.  You can add permission to as many groups as you wish and they each can have different permissions applied.

Note: To assign permissions to multiple users, you can use the Permissions tab.