Enrollment Agreement Summer 2021

This form must be on file prior to registering on-line.
The information you will need is listed below.
• Your contact information – name, address, emergency contact, driver’s license number
• Anticipated graduation date.
• Method of payment information.

IMPORTANT DATES for Summer 2021 Enrollment Period

Full Term: Monday, May 18 - August 9, 2021
Block 1: Monday, May 18 - June 10, 2021
Session E: Monday, May 18 – June 28, 2021
Block 2: Monday, June 15 - July 8, 2021
Session F: Monday, June 29 - August 9, 2021
Block 3: Monday, July 13 - August 8, 2021

Tuition Due: Friday, May 7, 2021 - A $75 Late Registration fee will be charged after this date.

For full policy see the All College Catalog. The Academic Calendar, All College Catalog and current All College Registration Instructions & Course Schedule for the current term are located at http://www.prescott.edu/academics/academic-calendar-course-schedules/index.php

Student Full Legal Name
Enrollment Form Information
Please provide your personal/non-Prescott email address. If you do not have a personal email address, please enter your prescott.edu email address.
Does the college have authorization to show your contact information on public directory? For more information about Prescott College's policy on disclosure of student records, please go to https://my.prescott.edu/Privacy.aspx
Please list someone other than yourself as your emergency contact.
From the list below, please select the appropriate description for your ethnicity.
Please list the number for one of the following identifications: State Identification, Drivers License or Federal Passport. Please list the type of identification and If using a state ID please list the state.
August graduation month is for the Limited Residency Undergraduate program ONLY.
Please list the first term you entered Prescott College.
Tuition & Fees 2021-2022
On Campus Undergraduate (based on 12 credits) ­ $16,488 Per credit­ $1,374
Online Undergraduate and Post-Bac Teacher Prep (based on 12 credits) $5976 ­ Per credit $498
Online Masters (MS) in Counseling and graduate certificates in Counseling (based on 12 credits) $9,960 ­ Per credit $830
Online Masters (MA) Critical Psychology Online Masters (MFA) in Social & Environmental Arts Practice (Based on 12 credits) $7404 ­ Per credit $617
Online Masters (M.Ed.) in Education, Post-Degree Certificate in ED Online Masters of Arts in Education (with or without) emphasis in Environmental Education Programs Tuition (based on 12 credits) $7,176 ­ Per Credit $598
Online Masters (MS) in Environmental Science Online Masters (MA) Interdisciplinary Studies Online Masters (MA) in Outdoor Education Leadership Online Masters (MS) in Resilient and Sustainable Communities Online Masters (MS) in Sustainable Food Systems Online Masters (MBA) in Sustainability Leadership (based on 12 credits maximum per term) $9,288.00 $774 per Credit
Online Masters (MA) in Social Justice and Community Organizing (Based on 12 credits) $3,900 ­ Per credit $325
PhD in Sustainability Education Tuition (based on 12 credits) $15,576 ­ Per credit $1,298
On Campus Masters (MA) Social Justice and Community Organizing (Teach Out) Tuition (based on 12 credits) $7,404 ­ Per Credit $617
Online Masters (MA) (Teach Out Program Only) in Adventure Education, Education, Environmental Studies, or Humanities Tuition (based on 12 credits) $11,220 ­ Per Credit $935
Orientation Fee ­ One time, or per Orientation required – On-Campus Undergraduate $1,075.00; MS $260 for Counseling Program; PhD $260
Late Registration Fee $75.00 - Charged if enrollment form is submitted after 5:00 PM (AZ time) on Enrollment Due Date.
Late Payment Fee $25.00 - Per month on unpaid balance
Sustainability Fee $50.00 - Each Term
Technology Fee $115.00 - Each Term
Graduation Fee $120.00 - One time, charged last term of enrollment
Estimated Health Insurance On-Campus Undergraduate only TBD for SP/SU/FA. Required unless waived online.
On-Campus Undergraduate Activity Fee - On-Campus Undergraduate only - Fall and Spring Terms $100.00
On-Campus Housing $4,745.00 Single Occupancy/private bath $4,295.00 Single Occupancy /shared bath $3,495.00 Double Occupancy $2,945.00 Triple occupancy/shared bath $2,445.00 Quad Occupancy Housing Deposit $250 Meal Plan: Fall and Spring Terms - $400.00 Minimum Required for On-Campus Housing
Payment Options
Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit/Debit Card, Payment Plan (see below), Third Party Payors and Financial Aid (accepted – see below).
• For Credit/Debit Card payments (subject to fees) and/or electronic check payments – Please go to www.prescott.afford.com
• Payment Plans – Please go to www.prescott.afford.com
• Financial Aid – Financial aid recipients must accept all Stafford and/or PLUS awards AND complete Stafford loan entrance counseling by the tuition due date. If awards are not sufficient to cover tuition and fees due, other payment arrangements (i.e. tuition payment plan) must be made to pay the balance.
If you selected 3rd Party, please provide information.
• Click on the button below when you are satisfied with your content. • If the screen does not forward, scroll up to confirm that all "Required" fields have an entry. • Once all fields are complete and you submit, you will be presented with the Contract Agreement and asked to electronically sign the document. • Before signing the document, make sure you have read the entire Contract Agreement. Please be sure you review all of the information you entered before you sign and submit this enrollment form. If you need to make any changes, you use your browser’s back button to return to this page. • You will have the opportunity to download or save a copy of the form with your content. After the form has been signed by you, it will be delivered to the Registrar. • After the Registrar has confirmed, processed, and electronically signed the document, you will receive a finalized copy. • Any changes to enrollment after initial enrollment will require you to submit a Drop/Add form. • You will also receive separate billing from the Business Office.
Thesis and Dissertation Publishing pricing is available from Proquest and varies depending on document and publishing options selected.